Short Features

Life In Our Gardens 

"Life In Our Gardens" recognizes the increasing number of households "going green" and focusing on that which lies outside their windows - flower gardens, vegetable gardens, lawns, trees, and shrubs. Aired four times daily (Mon-Sat: 8:50a(9:50a on Sat), 11:50a, 3:50p, and 5:50p), it features the expert advice and suggestions of our local Cooperative Extension agents.

To Your Health 

Consumer health news and information by Lyle Dean, award-winning medical journalist.

Your Money Now

Linking Main Street to Wall Street.  "Your Money Now" delivers business and money-news reports that are important to you, sponsored in part by Osborne Jewlers in Rocky Mount.

Community Bulletin Board

Find out “what,” “where,” and “when” for local events in our 12-county listening area, including concerts, fundraisers, church events, seminars, and town board meetings sponsored in part by Boice-Willis Clinic.

Sports Update

Weekday mornings, Mike Sinnott has the latest local, regional, and national scores and sports news.