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18.13 – Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Special where some of the staff shares special songs about their moms and/or motherhood.

18.12 – Mike Rowland

Mike Rowland, retired surgeon and now active grass-fed beef farmer and nutrition lecturer. As an eight-year-old, Mike tended his own vegetable garden and later in college studied agricultural economics, intending to be a farmer. He quickly learned something about the financial realities of buying a farm, however, and decided a career in medicine might help - but with the Vietnam War at its peak, he was then drafted. Mike's perspective on service to others and life's twists and turns, and his love for his wife, make for a story worth hearing.

18.11 – Jean Kitchin

Jean Kitchin, public, servant extraordinaire, has served in a wide range of advisory roles, formal and informal, and her wisdom in counseling others is grounded in years of life experience in business, education, and the media... and in family as a wife, mother, and grandmother. Her faith and perspective on people and social issues, as evidenced in the way she lives, is heartwarming, and her vigor and enthusiasm are inspiring.

18.10 – Good Friday

A special Good Friday-Easter edition. A little music history, a couple of our regular songs, and a few different pieces from well-known artists, including some timeless Grammy award-winning music. Ghetto violence, 9/11, and the personal stories of everyday life - set to music - form the backdrop for this special edition of the "reason for this season."

18.09 – Martha Butler

Martha Butler, successful business woman, wife, mother, grandmother - and longtime board member of a youth mentoring program. Her humble beginnings as a black girl growing up in the segregated South served to ground her in her lifelong passion for encouraging young people to dream and to believe in themselves. Her perspective on racial issues, as evidenced by her own relationships, is heartwarming, and her hopeful attitude is contagious.

18.08 – Susan Henson

Susan Henson, Founder and President of Pharaoh's Daughter - a non-profit ministry that cares for babies born to women in prison. Susan believes in listening to the stories of others, and as a mother of four herself, she understands the importance of the mother-baby relationship and a stable family unit. Helping these mother's get back on their feet after their time in prison is her calling, and her conviction that broken roads can lead to good places is inspiring.

18.07 – Mickey and Jackie Bailey

Mickey and Jackie Bailey are founders of a nonprofit organization that built and now operates a self-sustaining orphanage in Zambia. Inspired by their many mission trips to Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina, the Baileys have chosen not to retire but simply, with God's leading, to redeploy their business and people skills in a new arena. Their compassion and perspective are refreshing.

18.06 – Larry Dempsey

Larry Dempsey, is a husband, father, and grandfather, and among other things, a fisherman and retired pediatric dentist. For nearly 30 years now, he has traveled regularly to Costa Rica to do construction. A Board Member of Costa Rica Missions Projects, he shares how and why this overseas "labor of love" became such a big part of the life of this native North Carolinian.

18.05 – Pete and Will

Two gentlemen who are happily playing in the second half of their game of life, Pete Saunders and Will Robinson, happen to be members of our team here at Life 103.1. Their wisdom is Timeless. They'll share their thoughts on relationships and music and the passing of time - with some personal stories along the way.

18.04 – Suzy Lutz

Continuing The Mission is a nonprofit organization that pairs highly trained Labrador Retrievers with veterans diagnosed with PTSD. Suzy Lutz's 30-year connection with the Army, her love of dogs, and her compassion for those who return from war changed people make Continuing The Mission a work of her heart.

18.03 – George Gregor-Holt

George Greger-Holt is a retired student assistance counselor whose career centered on substance abuse prevention in young people.

18.02 – Special Songs

We've put together an episode of songs that fit with our typical Grace Notes themes, songs that could have been written about our guests and what they stand for. The songs we've highlighted speak to perspective or dependence on others, and their words of encouragement and challenge are timeless in their relevance to navigating this life we share.

18.01 – Haley Smith

Haley Smith, a Lillington native whose story starts with mission service projects as a kid. Her desire to make a difference in the lives of others, in combination with her interest in things international, has taken her to West Africa, as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Haley's honest about missing family and friends, and North Carolina, but she's upbeat about her circumstances and the challenges she faces in Senegal.

17.37 – 2017 Tribute to Artists

A New Year's tribute edition celebrating artists who, sadly, as of this year, are no longer with us. We lost a number of remarkable talents in 2017, Timeless singers and songwriters including among others Fats Domino, Glen Campbell, Joni Sledge, Al Jarreau, Don Williams, Tom Petty, and Chuck Berry.

17.36 – Christmas

A special episode of Grace Notes featuring Christmas songs picked by our behind-the-scenes staff.

17.35 – Earl Wright

Earl Wright, founder and chief technician of Project Santa. Earl grew up a sharecropper in a "see-through" house. He and his brother built their bikes from parts found in a local junk yard. For 22 years now, he's spent much of the year collecting and repairing hundreds of bicycles to give away each Christmas.

17.34 – Cookie Sharum

Cookie Sharum is a Salvation Army Bell Ringer, among other things. Although the Christmas Season finds her in front of a local grocery store, her desire to serve others in both word and deed is yearlong. She's a caregiver for a disabled brother, a longtime nanny, and at her church the administrative assistant and women's ministry coordinator. A North Carolina transplant from West Virginia, Cookie brightens the lives of those around her by sharing both the fun and the meaning of Christmas, and then lives her life throughout the year with that same perspective. The songs she talks about are special favorites of many.

17.33 – Thanksgiving

A special episode of Grace Notes featuring songs picked by our behind-the-scenes staff that reflect what they have to be thankful for.

17.32 – Judy Dixon

Judy Dixon is a retired school teacher whose early education took place in the family grocery store. Judy now spends time volunteering at the local Boys and Girls Club leading her M&M classes that teach Scripture to 2nd and 3rd graders. Her mission is to make the youngsters feel they are loved and cared for - her passion is contagious; her perspective inspirational.

17.31 – Veterans Day Special

A special episode of Grace Notes for Veterans Day, playing patriotic songs as we reflect on the meaning of this holiday and those it celebrates.

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