21.08 – Selena McKoy

Just as Grace Notes brighten music scores, Selena Mckoy is in the business of brightening lives and for her it’s just because of who she is. If you’re looking to turn a bad day around, a conversation with Selena may well do the trick. And if you’re ever looking for a song that might do the same thing, she can probably help there too because she knows her music. Selena has been a friend of the station for some years now – in fact, you might recognize her as one of our regular contributors on our “Life In Our Gardens” feature. Selena is our guest on Grace Notes this week – it’s her zest for life that made us want to share some of her story with you. She grew up on a 40-acre farm and, through a serendipitous mix-up in her high school class schedule, came to love all things horticultural. Serving now as a cooperative extension agent, and long convinced that everyone has a story to tell, she spends much of her time helping others – and listening to their stories.

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