22.23 – Karee White

(2022) Episode 23 – Karee White is a mother of nine, an army officer, veteran, and someone who fights – respectfully – for what she believes in. On this special Veteran’s Day episode, Karee will share about her time in the service, her family, and the car accident in Italy that in an instant changed her family’s life. Since 2014, she’s been a round-the-clock caregiver for her eldest daughter, Kimmy – who is also an Army veteran. Since Kimmy’s accident, Karee has learned much about the challenges of full-time caregiving and navigating the V.A. Healthcare system. But she’s also discovered amazing blessings in their family’s adversity. She has connected with others in similar situations through her involvement with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation – and, in fact, she’s established another organization, the “I Love Everyone Foundation.”

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